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Swimbait with Grub Teaser Rig

Big baits = big fish. However, sometimes it means that you have to sacrifice quantity for quality. Here's a rig that I've been having a lot of success with lately that gives you a chance to catch the big ones, while still allowing you to have fun with the smaller fish.

Swimbait with grub teaser rig.

Check out the image on the right and try not to laugh. Ok ok, pretty bad but I'm just trying to demonstrate how this rig is set up. The picture looks horrible but the rig works amazingly! Here are the steps on how to rig it up.

Tie a leader onto your main line - I like to use a triple surgeon's knot here. The triple surgeon's knot is basically an overhand knot but you pass the line through the knot 3 times. This knot is a great knot for tying 2 lines together because it's super easy, and stronger than other line to line knots IMO (e.g., uni to uni, double surgeon's). I like to use fluorocarbon line for my leader because it adds to my confidence.

Double surgeon's knot.
Run it through the loop again
to make it a triple.

Leave a long tag end on your surgeon's knot - I like to leave about 6" and then tie the grub hook on. I'm usually left with about 4" of line coming out of the knot and attached to the grub. Don't leave the tag end too long or you're going to get a lot of tangles.

Tie on your favorite swimbait about 2 feet down the line - You can vary the spacing between the teaser grub and the swimbait depending on how deep you want to fish the grub. I've had a lot of success with them being about 18" to 24" away from each other.

I usually tie on a 3" swimbait with a 1/4oz head if the surf is laying down. I'll move up to a 3/8oz head if the surf is up or if there's a lot of current. I'm sure that you can go heavier but the light heads give the whole rig a more natural action. For the grub I usually stick with a traditional 1.5" MORF grub.

To fish this, just cast it out and reel in slowly. Don't worry if you cast it that far. Most of the fish are in close anyway. Just hang on tight because you never know what you're going to catch! You might even catch 2 fish at the same time like in the picture below.

Article written by:
Tom Ito (aka Catfish)

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